Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lakeside Dreams

In the tranquil calming silence
Of this lake-side weekend house
I loaf in my familiar chair
And watch exhausted sun
Drop finally down
Into a glassy mirrored bath
Of still-life
Amethyst blue
While distant bullfrog chants his prayer
And syncopates
With contrapuntal loon
Who bids the day his comforting adieu
Each note a tonic for my pain
My voltage drained
I grateful sink
And dream my precious dreams of you
As endless fireflies wink

It was even here
That I,
It seems,
A fresh-faced bounding boy,
Tin soldiers on the floor,
With boyish jactitations
Created hostile nations
Awful engines
Spoils of war
Imaginary corps
I lived within my toys
And first conceived my early dreams
Of you

My mother read to me
When I was two...
The rhymes of Mother Goose
(I was just new
and instantly seduced)
The best of times for
Little Boy Blue
Come blow my horn
Then one day
I turned three
And fast I learn'd to read
All dusty books and fairy tales
Dragon claws,
Woodsman's saws
And pirate sails
Scarecrows in the corn
The Jacks and Jills
And tumbling pails
My heart beat fast
And I would laugh at these
Canards of gransoise scale
(But some were sad)
I read
And read
'Til my eyes went bad
Upon my bed
A blanket near the fire
My nose book-bound and
Burning with desire
To escape (already)
Break stun-gun run away
Swirling in the eddies
While young fairies play
Fantasnization imaginary
Milk maids weeping near the dairy
And I incurable
Lost romantic
A valiant knight
Whose life was too pedantic
Enchanted armor,
(Gold, of course)
The handsome prince
Upon the wildest,
Brimstone snorting horse
The kindest aged
Wisest king
Who foiled the wicked
Witch's scheme
Who had the best of everything
If the world was milk
I was the cream
It was then I dreamt
My cherished dream
Of you

Real life was strife
And not much splendid
Thus I devised a world for us
Where dreams came true
And poems never ended
And everyone was always happy
And all the mommies loved the daddies
No one ever left alone
It was my perfect sanctuary
My castle and my home
All cock and bull
But enduring, yes,
Though time elapsed...
I thought someday that you would come
I kept the faith and trusted full
My other half
My princess with a sugar plum
A wand of spells
'Tween finger long
And perfect thumb
Alas, my vision may have been
Another complex faerie trap

And yet, once more,
This one last time
I sit within this chair of mine
And watch exhausted sun
Drop quickly down
Into the glassy mirrored bath
Of still-life
Amethyst blue
While distant bullfrog chants his prayer
And syncopates
With contrapuntal loon
Who bids the day his comforting adieu
Each note a tonic for my pain
My voltage drained
I grateful sink
And dream my precious dreams of you
This final time

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Minutes 'til Twelve

Ten minutes 'til twelve
The hour is late
Sharp sleet plays cadence
Upon the distant courtyard gate
Dark midnight looms
Like jubilee
Of new delight
My bed a swampy
Cosmic sea
I lay awake
And wait
For you,
Strange succubus
Forever on the make,
To come again
And set me free
On this voluptuous night

Then we shall fly away?
To start anew?
My glorious strengths returned
Because of you
The lasers of my eyes to burn
We both (with greed) remember
Curse'd secrets that
Must not be learned
Old corpses long dismember'd
To flesh forever
We'll be true
No clever passion spurn'd
You female tramp
Enchanting ragtime hungry vamp
Beguiling slut
I drool to feel your cruelest cut
You bring your sister, too,
With fangs so long
And sexes damp

I prayerfully invoke
Before I drift in sleep
You'll stay
And mingle here with me awhile
Into this bed
Your spell must creep
Then blood
(and other flows) shall seep
(How well you know)
And I,
Part shy
Decaying Romeo

Scarce moments left
'til midnight, now...
My rum gun poised
For shots across your bow
Leave far behind
All things allowed
Favorite fiend,
(with sister in between)
Come bite this anxious brow

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rajal Survives Deadly Disease...But

Johnnie Rajal made his first brief
visit back to Second Life this
morning, following his having
contracted some exotic
infection while
dining out in the
Other Life over a week ago.

After several days in the hospital
followed by a week of the spins,
Rajal reports that life is
apparently returning to the
status quo.

"I am greatly relieved to be
starting to feel normal again,"
he said with chagrin,
"although something about me
definitely seems to have

This interviewer agrees.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learn to Play Piano in Just 50,000 Easy Lessons!

It's easy
It's affordable
Anyone can do it

Just follow my simple
Step-by step instructions
Delivered in a plain brown wrapper
With no return address
Completely confidential
Profusely illustrated
Everything you always
Wanted to know
And more
Whether you want to
Tickle those ivories like
Fats Waller
Or impersonate Mozart
You'll be shredding those riffs
In only a decade or two
Call now
While they last
Be the first on your block
Be the envy of your friends
Don't miss out
Very limited quantity
Personally signed by the author
Special price for groups
When they're gone
They're gone

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Polite Society

Mine is a craft
of conversation
Come spend a few hours with me
It's a gentle art
Two willing hearts
We'll conspire and consort
With perhaps
A snifter of Port
Ou une tasse of jasmin tea
What ever happened to
Polite society
And the era of
Liberal Arts?
The imperative's gone
To be gracious and warm
Best form
Alert and with curious hearts
To aspire
To that wisdom
That burns like a fire
To desire
Perfect etiquette
Parse the subject
From the predicate
To relish all manner of things
To know
To read
To grow
To need one another
To feel
To heal
To share
This intercourse
On some magic horse
Be well-versed on fair use
Of a salad fork
To recount
Of cabbages and kings
Our options abound
In endless amount
Any topic, please choose
'S all the same to me
The subject is secondary
Let's dance
With the words
Palaver like blackbirds
Social fraternity

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When the Church Burn'd Down

Hear the bells up in the steeple
See the sparks fly in the air
There’s a hundred people screamin’
An’ runnin’
Folks are scared
Faces full of worry an’ despair
There was some evil up on holy ground
When the church burn’d down

Gonna call up all the elders
Someone call the reverend’s son
You can call the fire department
But ya know they’ll never come
They won’ come out
“Nigga wat yew talkin’ about?”
They brought some evil up on holy ground
When the church burn’d down

There was a cross up by the alter
Where the saints could come to pray
There’s a new cross in the churchyard
An’ it’s burnin’ up in flames
A cross of shame
Try to tell us things have changed
There was some evil up on holy ground
When the church burn’d down

Now some men got the wisdom
An’ some men,
They be rich
An’ some men jes’ a shovel
Someone else’s ditch
Oh yeah
This life is such a burden
Got to carry it too long
An’ they push you
‘Til your mind is cracked
An’ your heart is goin’ wrong
Yeah we try to be yo’ people
Let the river wash us clean
But it smells like burnin’ timbers
An’ a trace of kerosine
An’ the saints
They keep on prayin’
For the new day
Full of grace
Why you keep delayin’
When they burn’d my baby’s face?
They brought some evil up on holy ground
When the church burn’d down
Poured some evil on my holy ground
When they burn’d it down

Friday, February 6, 2009

There Ain' No Talent Here

There ain’ no talent here
My dear
No genius
No knack
(Say what?)
No gushing spring
No panties sheer
Fo’ sho’
Dat’s clear
No pop da top
Down in th’ shack
Just panic
Da slack attack
That bloozey muse
Got whacked
Cheap bitch
Dat random sleeze
She tease’
Jus’ like an itch
I know she is
Dead river bed
The ditch is packed wit
Stones an’ grit
No spit
No jizz
You bes’ believe
Cold bitch is stacked
Her hair all
Mousey frizz
She give dull head
This endless plain
That’s all full up
With bored disdain
Don’ jerk my chain
Or work my pain
This world’s one
Moaning drone
Freight-car train
I cain’ turn back
So sorry that I
There ain’
No talent here,
I fear,
I plod the trod
No verve
To serve
Jus’ stumble
Pavement crumble
Stagger as I swerve
Jus’ one dumb foot
(I lost my nerve)
An’ then the other
Holy Mother
Taste my fear
There ain’ no talent
There ain’ no comfort
My dear
Jus’ shame
Accusing pointing
Craving rain
Your dowdy dancin’
Drunken dress is
Tin snip cut
You slut
Sand-dune of the
Keeping time
Dry mummies stagger
Dirks and gaggers
Scattered ‘cross the floor
They cry
They roar
They scream for more
Jus’ one club foot
An’ then the clumsy other
Holy Mother
Taste my fear
There ain’ no
Talent here
My dear
There ain’ no
Ain’ no
Ain’ no
But it’s too late
We diddled
With our fiddles
While the greedy
Masses ate and
As the swollen,
Streamin’ flowed
We glowed
And so
Did all
We know
Got on our bikes
An’ rode
We sissy priests
We consecrate
The dull ingrate
Who sits and counts
This sand
This slate
One grain by stinkin'
This silicon and glass
This funeral in my
This swipe
Across my ass
We never planned
This flannel fugue
This cotton ball
We can’t recall
With certitude
The reason
Or the season
Why we came
To here
How did we,
And then,
Can we get out?
And when
Or how?
This non-artistic lie
This mush of shapes
So hot
So dry
Forgotten tomes
White bones
And muted
Earth tones
No ice cream cones
Go home, Jones
Sick gnome
Get off alone
Bitch moans
Attention roams
No focal point
We’re all too stoned
The lizard needs to
Eat its brother
Holy Mother
No quenching silence
All the while
And yet,
No noise,
Just boring,
Lack of poise
Just artless
Farting slobs
With hackneyed toys
Fratricidal child
We fall far short
We tumble,
Bumble, stumble
We sail into the port
And drown
Then through the canyon
Full of ire
A prophet came
(And came)
All passion
Mountains thundered
The living desire
And stones were flesh
And flesh was life
And life was an army
Of soldiers
Slashing knives
Who would fight
All night
And multiply the fright
And conquer with
Licentious delight
The ascendance of
Their God
The "true" religion
And honor
And the stones became flesh
Engendered slaves
Who wear their collars
Right here
In this same canyon
For thousands of years
The righteous
The chosen
Were focused and clear
But now
Only now
I taste the
Rising fear
They have their God
I plug and plod
There ain’ no
Talent here
Jus’ one foot
Then the tripping
Holy Mother
Jus’ ain’ no
Talent here.